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Genuine four leaf clover lucky charms!  Lucky Charms! Real 4 leaf clover sterling silver pendants, 4 leaf clover rings, four leaf clover necklaces, 4 leaf clover laminated cards, four leaf clover bottle cap keychains, 4 leaf clover rubbing charms and all LUCKY! Authentic four leaf clovers! Lucky four leaf clover jewelry. 4 leaf clover charms!

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Do you believe in luck? Well I do, and there are few things luckier than a 4 leaf clover. My clovers are absolutely authentic. They're the real deal, not grown in a pot, nor shamelessly pasted together. I spend a good deal of time on my hands and knees looking for them. They're the perfect gift for someone who needs some extra luck.  Each one is hand-picked and the charm is hand-made, by me and my wife and are as unique as the 4-leaf clover they encapsulate. Made for a life time of luck, so order yours today! My supply varies from week to week, so if you're interested in any of the various charms, just email me and I'll respond asap. Thank you for visiting my website. I wish you a happy and lucky day!

Lucky Bottle-Cap Key chain
Travel in style with this lucky bottle cap key chain. Each bottle cap is coated with epoxy resin, protecting the original paint and giving you a lasting lucky charm.  There are a wide variety of caps, ranging from Coca-Cola to Guinness Beer. Get your favorite and get lucky!

Price: $10.00

Below are the current keychains I have available: 12/20/13

Rubbing Charm

This rubbing charm is the best luck you can carry with you. It's as smooth as glass and fits nicely in your pocket...handy when you need to rub it for extra luck! The four leaf clover is suspended in a tough and durable epoxy resin providing you with a lifetime of luck!

Price: $6.00

Four Leaf Clover
Sterling Silver Charm Pendant

These beautiful pendants with a real four leaf clover can be can be worn on a necklace or add them to your charm bracelet.  They're .925 sterling silver and come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. 

Price: $20.00

Below are the current pendants I have available: 7/10/13

32 mm Antique Brass Round Lockets Pendant
These lockets have a classic look and are filled with a real lucky 4 leaf clover.
Put a picture of a loved one and they will always have lucky surrounding them!

Price: $15.00

Four Leaf Clover
Sterling Silver Charm Ring

Give your fingers some flare with these stunning .925 sterling silver rings. They come in a variety of styles and color and range from sizes 5-13.

Price: $25.00

Below are the current four leaf clover rings I have available:

Real Four Leaf Clovers
Create your own keepsakes with these beautiful lucky clovers.  They're great for making lucky jewelry, cards, bookmarks or whatever you can come up with.

Price: $3.00 each

Silver and Leather Chains
Need a chain for your pendant?  Choose from either a leather or silver chain, both in sizes 16 or 18.  They're all stylish and will compliment your lucky pendant.

Silver Chain: $8.00 Leather Chain: $2

Each pendant comes with either a bail or split ring.  You can choose from the following sterling silver bails: a). 6.4 x 2.3mm Snap-On Pendant Bail - this is the bail seen in the photos above b). 4.8mm Split Ring - perfect for charm bracelets. Just let me know which one you want, and I'll attach it to the charm for you.

The key chains, pendants, rings and rubbing charms come with their own little box and a clover pamphlet.

Payment and Shipping
Minimum order has to amount to $20 and shipping can be included to reach this amount. I accept only PayPal or Money Orders, sorry, no Credit Cards or Checks. $5.00 for 1st Class Shipping. $8.95 for Priority Shipping (2-3 day delivery). Insurance is optional and is an extra $1.95 for orders less than $50, $2.50 for orders over $50. If you purchase more than one item, they will be shipped together and no additional shipping is necessary. Orders that total over $40 will have shipping upgraded to Priority Shipping for no extra cost. I do accept international orders and shipping is $12.95.
To place an order or if you have any questions,
please feel free and e-mail me.


This is one of my HOT SPOTS! An actual four-leaf clover is somewhere in this photo...can you find it? Click the button below for the answer.
This is an actual "hot spot" at a local park. There's at least 5 four leaf clovers in this picture. Can you find them all?

Four Leaf Clover
Brass Locket Ring

These lockets are full of luck and charm. On the exterior is a print of a clover encased in resin and inside is a geniuine four leaf clover! Put a picture of someone close to your hear and bring both of you luck! These rings are adjustable and will fit any size.

Price: $15.00